Announce Enters the VISCOM Arena

by | Feb 22, 2018 | News | 0 comments

Announce Enters the VISCOM Arena

In the sphere of traditional office products, visual communication – otherwise known as VISCOM – is one element which is selling especially and increasingly well. In 2016 alone, the market grew by 6%, outstripping many other product categories; its growth was 10 times that of filing, for example, and it is now a £312m industry in Europe. These statistics stand as proof as to why people should continue to focus on VISCOM even as they adapt to more high-tech solutions permeating the industry.

The office landscape is changing, and VISCOM products are enjoying more adaptable uses. As workspaces become increasingly social and informal, meetings require mobile, simple-to-use display solutions where a whiteboard would once have been enough. Whiteboards are still a strong selling point in VISCOM, but they are accessible only to the user; modern VISCOM needs are beginning to demand increased access for all members of the meeting to promote the natural exchange of ideas and creativity.

VISCOM products are an ideal area to focus on alongside well-established and ever-growing sectors like technology and furniture. It is surprisingly easy to overlook this rich seam of office products, particularly during a refit of an existing office or the creation of a new one, but a savvy customer would do well to ensure VISCOM needs are met. The available range is extensive enough to create a bespoke offering – customers just need to identify that need or pain point indicating where the issues lie.

It is important to remember that other sectors beyond offices themselves are key areas for future VISCOM sales – the hospitality and events sector is one which is eternally in need of visual communication tools, including both temporary and permanent signage, plus projectors and other conferencing equipment. VISCOM is also seeing increased demand in independent retail, education, and leisure as well as in offices; it is a market which sits neatly between both traditional and modern categories, which is another solid reason why it should not be overlooked.

Announce has been tracking this increasingly varied need, identifying the strongest areas for VISCOM verticals, and has responded by pulling together the best of the best for its Announce range. With a focus on collaboration and communication, the Announce collection focuses both on traditional VISCOM requirements and the most current trends, such as the increasing need for event wristbands. From simple signage to group accessibility products and beyond, Announce encapsulates what the customer is demanding in 2018, making this a key attribute for customers to embrace.