4 Reasons Security Cards or Badges Are Essential for Your Business

by | Mar 19, 2018 | News

Every business must maintain control of the movements in and out of its facilities at all times. Most businesses have adopted modern security technologies, especially at the main entrances to secure their assets. Employees are required to key in certain codes or use biological characteristics to access facilities. Some of these technologies have replaced security badges. Many businesses now rely on digital IDs instead of traditional badges. While modern technologies are more reliable than traditional security measures, businesses need to maintain ID badges. Here are the main advantages of security badges.


Enhanced security

The main reason why ID cards were introduced was to improve security in organisations. Businesses can control movements in their premises when employees and visitors display badges at all times. Security personnel can also identify the employees or visitors who have access to different rooms or sections in a day. Most identification badges have magnetic strips that enable employees to access each room. It is easy to track movements when security cards are integrated with other security technologies in the facilities. In addition, the ID cards have photos of the rightful owners, which eliminates the possibility of sharing security badges.


Better customer relationships

Personalised customer service is hard to achieve in large organisations. Such organisations attend to tens of customers every day who have just a few minutes with the employees. In fact, most organisations have replaced face-to-face interactions with emails, phone calls, and chats. Some clients still prefer traditional methods of communication and will prefer to speak to the customer service staff in person. When staff members have security badges on them, customers can identify the staff with their name and position.


Improving employee accountability

A business must involve its employees in its efforts to keep all assets secure. Employees organise most of the security breaches in organisations. ID cards make employees accountable for their movements and actions. With enhanced features on the badges, security personnel can track all the movements. Employees are aware of these possibilities and are less likely to access restricted areas.


Building employee relations

In a small business, employees can identify their workmates with their names and positions. The same is impossible in large organisations where new employees are hired every other month. Building employee relationships is harder when employees have different work shifts. However, employees can learn their colleagues’ names from their security badges. The badges are helpful to new employees who may take a longer period to know all the employees in the organisation. Managers can also identify employees with their names and departments easily.

New security technologies emerge every year to help businesses secure their facilities and assets. The technologies are more reliable and harder to breach than the traditional technologies. However, some traditional measures such as security badges are still relevant to the modern business world. The benefits of security badges go beyond securing the business. The badges enhance relationships among employees and between employees and clients. Security badges work best when integrated with other security technologies in the business.


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